Your Co-working Desk in Antwerp

    Open Work Space

    This is the perfect arrangement in which employees do not have to commute to a central office. They’ll stop wasting time in traffic jams, long drives to work, etc. This new way of working is becoming increasingly popular in this new era of telecommunications technology.


    Starting or running a small business is already challenging enough. To support you we provide a number of services so you can focus on building and managing your business



    Beautiful panoramic view of Antwerp city center.

    • Public transport
    • Restaurants
    • Lunch
    • Bars
    • Hotels
    • Fitness
    • Shopping
    • Entertainment
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    Office Services

    Flexible office space that can grow or shrink as your company changes.

    • 24/7 access
    • Professional workspace environment
    • Brainstorm bubble
    • Meeting room
    • Coffee bar
    • Storage space
    • Office cleaning and maintenance
    • Parking availability

    Tech Infrastructure

    All technologies you can imagine are available.

    • High Speed WiFi and Internet
    • Professioneel grade phone systeem

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